Introducing our NEW BackTrack a Blood Trail™ Series

Introducing our NEW BackTrack a Blood Trail™ Series

Whitetail hunting is beyond an incredible sport. It truly sucked me in at a very young age and the more I did it, the more I wanted to do it. I sat in my first tree with a bow in hand in 1984 and despite my extremely novice skill set, my Kodiak Mag and I were blessed with somehow managing to harvest a young 4 x 4 that fall. By the fall of 85, I was boiling down cedar boughs on the stove in my three room college apartment, soaking every piece of clothing I owned in the broth, welding lag bolts to short bent pieces of electric fence posts for screw in steps, making what we called “crotch stands” out of angle iron from bed frames we pulled from the local dump, and shooting a 5 yard target in my tiny living room in any 15 minute window I could find. I was beyond “in”.

The immediate grip and passion that whitetail hunting inflicted on me way back then was far from being unique though. This “whitetail spell” has infected millions. Unfortunately though, simply hunting more to feed this disease is at best only a “band-aid” and no where close to being a remedy. Hunting more quickly turns into passionately prepping in every way possible well before the season, and soon it becomes a 365 day ritual of polishing every element in your arsenal to make it all come together in the Fall. Vacations become annually locked in a year out for Nov 1 to 10, and there’s no going back.

I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to hunt a lot of different animals all across North America, but there’s definitely more than just a little something special about chasing whitetails that simply makes it turn into a lifestyle. To us, “the climb is cooler than the summit” though and while grabbing a heavy set of antlers on a dream buck is an incredible feeling, it’s about everything it took to get to that point that makes this sport so special. The journey is the cool part!  Having said this, myself and everyone at Code of Silence are more than excited as well as proud to introduce our new BackTrack™ a Blood Trail Series. This unique series will share our insights on all aspects of our 365 day approach, and also focus our most important blood trail, which is the trail that got us into this sport in the first place. Legacy more than matters as does passing this sport on.

In whitetail hunting, everything matters. In fact, everything more than matters and we are excited to highlight the literally hundreds of dynamics that make up “everything”. Backtrack a Blood Trail has nothing to do with dictating how you should be running your strategy. This new series is about sharing our perspectives, and the perspectives of others we admire a lot in this industry in an effort to educate, connect, and shine a light on all the things that go into the coolest sport on earth. We’d love to hear your stories behind your blood trails as well ! This new series launches this fall, and we feel you’ll find these short videos and blogs being very worthy of your time.

As always, thank you for your support and we will see you soon!

Good winds,