redefining concealment

Mimicking nature in all aspects.

Neutral- LR™ technology

Mimicking Natural Light Absorbency

We purposefully reduce the usage of highly reflective synthetic fabrics by incorporating organic and textured wool fabric combinations to duplicate nature's natural light absorbencies.

Visual Silence ™
S-18™ Camo

Our S-18 camouflage with Neutral- LR™ technology completely mimics nature in all aspects; from simulating natural shapes and textures, to providing an incredibly authentic color scheme but most importantly, matching nature's natural light absorbency providing a new and revolutionary level of concealment.

Behind the Development of S-18™ Camo

Mimicking the branch canopy at 18'

Statistically structured to represent the average branch size and density at 17.8 (18) feet which represents the average tree stand height.

Mimicking natural shapes

Fundamentally structured to portray the diversity of naturally occurring shapes and patterns found in the whitetail woods.

Mimicking natural colors

Systematically patterned with precise object-specific tones and pigments found in targeted flora.

Regardless of the environment you are in, we guarantee you will be seen (noticed) less than you have ever before, period. This is an extremely bold claim but our approach and science fully backs this position up as do our undeniable results in the field. We are positive you will finally have a camo technology that works as a true asset, not just a uniform.