S18 ™
Visual Silence ™ Camo

Through our years in the field, we have taken our experiences and created an approach to camo and avoiding visual detection we feel is absolute perfection. We are not your run of the mill camo. This is a different approach – that yields different results.

It’s important to start with the right “zone” or target location in mind when creating a camo design. We surveyed dozens of hunters across the country and arrived at an average stand “mid-height” of 17.8 (18) feet. We then analyzed over 100 trees of the most predominant species found in the heart of whitetail country and arrived at an average branch size and density at this “18” foot mark for base of the S18 camo design. The core elements and foreground shapes in S18 closely mimic this average limb size and frequency. 

Truly “natural” shapes and configurations are random in our natural world but there are “patterns” within these shapes that become semi-constant. To ensure the design configurations in S-18 followed Mother Nature’s “random” authorship, naturally re-occurring designs were identified through extensive review and comparisons of hundreds of varying environments. This same process went into the original color base in S-18 and was then adjusted to meet the standards of our “Neutral -LR” criteria.

S-18 will make you re-establish how you feel about camouflage.

The game-changing truth is that S-18 simply works incredibly well in the woods at keeping hunters from being detected.

Regardless of the environment you are in, we guarantee you will be seen (noticed) less than you have ever before, period. This is an extremely bold claim but our approach and science fully backs this position up as do our undeniable results in the field. We are positive you will finally have a camo technology that works as a true “asset” not just a uniform.