What is Berber-Wool™?

This unique wool based high pile fabric is an extremely quiet, extremely warm and also presents a very dull / natural looking exterior appearance due to it’s high lofted sherpa style texture and knitted (not woven) base structure. The knitting technique we use is called jacquard knitting and the fibers are dyed prior to knitting so the saturation of inks is consistent throughout the entire thickness of the fabric after knitting is complete. Not only does this allow for less fading of the surface colors over time, it also lowers the levels of unnatural synthetics (such as inks) on the exterior surface. This allows our Berber Wool to appear extremely natural and better absorb light compared to other commonly used hunting fabrications.

What makes Berber-Wool™ unique to our brand?
  • High loft sherpa style exterior texture.
  • The quietest shell fabric used in the hunting industry today.
  • Our S-18 camo pattern is knitted into the fabric not printed.
  • Extra high loft exterior texture for incredible warmth.
  • Extra high loft exterior texture for an incredibly natural appearance in the woods.
  • 25% Wool/75% Polyester construction improves durability and fiber retention.