Mimicking Nature's Natural light absorbencies

Blend in better

Reducing light reflectance

Neutral- LR™ technology completely mimics nature's natural light absorbency providing a new and revolutionary level of concealment. It's time to start viewing your camo clothing as a tool, and not as a uniform.

How Neutral-LR™ Technology Works:

Highly synthetic, flatter fabrics with printed camo patterns are often more reflective because the printing process involves applying a significant amount of ink on the fabric's surface. This creates a shiny, smooth layer making it less effective at blending into natural environments. In contrast, our organic-based fabrics are constructed using a jacquard knitting technique, where the camouflage pattern is not printed, but instead integrated directly into the individual fibers. This process uses significantly less ink, reducing the overall reflectivity of the garment. The jacquard knitting process also creates a textured surface that diffuses light, making our fabrics more effective a mimicking nature and natural light absorbencies.

Neutral color

Effective mimicry of nature goes far beyond matching color pigments as we see them as humans. Neutral-LR technology integrates the most relevant optical dynamics that go into effective visual duplication of natural objects.

organic mimicry

Nature is made of organic matter that is porous and drab. To truly mimic nature’s natural drab and dullness, we utilize organic fabrics, reduce ink usage and increase surface textures within our fabric choices.

fabric texture

Textured fabrics help you blend in better. We use wool-based, highly textured fabrics that are jacquard knitted to reduce light reflectance for best concealment.