redefining silence

Extreme silence through fabric selection and functional performance.

Going unnoticed

silence is deadly

The difference between noise reduction vs. noise elimination is game changing. The goal should not be to reduce noise, the goal should clearly be to eliminate it. Every component and design feature within our products are built with this principle in mind.

going unnoticed

Silence is not just a preference; it is a necessity. It can mean the difference between a successful hunt and going home empty-handed. Our commitment to noise elimination begins with our exclusive fabric choices, which are specially designed to minimize rustling and friction. In addition to our superior fabrics, our internal construction techniques are engineered to be completely silent.

Quiet and Textured Fabrics


This unique wool-based high pile fabric is extremely quiet, exceptionally warm and presents a natural presence and appearance in nature. We utilize a unique jacquard knitting technique where colors are integrated within the fabrics creating an extremely natural and reduced light reflectance for best


This proprietary fabric is a close cousin to our Berber-Wool and took years for us to perfect. Similarly designed with a unique wool-based fabric but engineered to be much flatter on the surface for reduced friction and superior silence. The combination of the jacquard knitting technique and the flatter face allows our Fleece-Wool to still appear natural while reducing friction and minimizing retention of burrs.

While the term of “unnoticed” seems a little vague and a little generalized, we feel strongly that this is likely the #1 factor that contributes to getting (or not getting ) a mature whitetail in close. We’ve all been there – rustling leaves turn into glimpses of legs through the brush. Flashes of tines are confirmed as the heavy wide rack of a deer you’ve only seen on camera. What happens next is the difference that dreams are made of. As we say, “when years turn into seconds” you need everything possible to be working to your advantage. Our S-18™ camo pattern, our fabric designs, and our commitment to our Neutral-LR™ technology provide that advantage. We promise the level of going “unnoticed” on stand you will experience with Code of Silence clothing is beyond anything you have ever experienced in the field.