Managing to 100% Silence

As our brand name would suggest, delivering on the elimination of sound is a huge directive and commitment from our company. As a hunter, it is very easy to consider sound levels created by your gear such as drawing a bow, shouldering a firearm, stand noise as critical. We couldn’t agree more with the importance of these dynamics but in general, deer utilize and depend greatly on their hearing to detect “abnormalities” in their environment. Eliminating sound within your approach to your stand, sound created while climbing into your stand, and sound created while on stand are just as important, if not more important as sound created while operating your weapon. Sound, and more importantly the elimination of it, translates to alerting or not alerting deer to your presence. Said differently, detecting unnatural noises is a matter of life and death in the woods. Silence is obviously more than key to hunting… it is essential. “Unnatural noise” is like scent, the goal should not be to “reduce it”, the goal should clearly be to eliminate it. The difference between noise elimination and noise reduction is game changing. Every component and design feature of a COS product is built with this principle in mind.

Absolute Zero Presence.

A few things we’re great at:

Code of Silence proudly boasts a product in which quality would never be a compromise. We bring value to your trips to the field. When you come home with that trophy buck, you know Code of Silence has your back.

The Science of
Remaining “Unnoticed”.

While the term of “unnoticed” seems a little vague and a little “generalized”, we feel strongly this is likely #1 factor that contributes to getting (or not getting ) a mature whitetail in close. We’ve all been there – rustling leaves turn into glimpses of legs through the brush. Flashes of tines are confirmed as the heavy wide rack of a deer you’ve only seen on camera. What happens next is the difference that dreams are made of. As we say, “when years turn into seconds” you need everything possible to be working to your advantage, period. Our S18 camo pattern, our fabric designs and our commitment to our “Neutral-LR” technology provide that advantage. We promise the level of going “unnoticed” on stand you will experience with Code of Silence clothing is beyond anything you have ever experienced in the field.