The Performance of Merino Wool

with the light absorbency of a fleece.


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Naponee: 45° to 70°F

This proprietary new incredible fabric is a Code of Silence exclusive. We spent over 3 years perfecting this fabric as the ideal early-season/layering option for optimum effectiveness. Fabric options in this space are simply not "versatile" enough to support the performance across what we feel are the Big 3 considerations. These 3 points being: thermal efficiency, breathability, and surface characteristics (light absorbency). The 300 gram 35% blend of high quality merino wool interwoven into the interior combined with a gridded knit poly exterior allows us to get "the best of 3 worlds". The merino has all the performance on the interior one would expect while the grid knit poly exterior disperses surface light. Ultimately, this fabric breathes incredibly well, stretches with your every move, insulates when layered, and provides all the benefits of high quality merino against your skin.